Monday – Taco Bake for a friend; Lime Chicken Tacos for us

Tuesday – Marvelous Mini Meatloaves

Wednesday – Leftovers

Thursday – Tacos

Friday – Freezer Meal

Saturday Lunch – Pizza

Saturday Dinner –Carrie’s Chicken

Sunday Lunch – Grill Out

Sunday Dinner – Leftovers/sandwiches for the boys; Terra out to eat after prayer

Monday Lunch – out of town

Monday Dinner – on the road

Tuesday Dinner – Hamburger Helper (Cheesy Enchilada) — how embarassing was it to write that?! lol

Wednesday Dinner – Pizza using home made pizza dough (a T3 recipe, join us on Tuesday!! — Zach cooks!)

Thursday Dinner – Carrie’s chicken

Friday Dinner – Mini Meatloaves (BBQ) with mashed potatoes

Saturday Lunch – Grill out (Zach)

Saturday Dinner – Chili

Sunday Lunch – Leftovers

Sunday Dinner – Bastisms at the lake with our church. Everyone brings a dish, I’m making Eclair Cake.