Treats to Try – Verdicts!


I apologize for not giving my (our) verdict on some recipes! Things have just been super crazy!

Next week will be the return of Treats To Try! You can grab the button and get ready!

I tried Little Birdie Secrets’ granola and it was SUPER yummy! One of the better homemade granola recipes I’ve had! (How can you screw up granola? I don’t know, I’m picky!) My toddler loved it too, all that really matters, right?? :)We did all the “normal” granola things – on yogurt, on oatmeal, on applesauce (who’s idea was that?!) 🙂 But the best was just eating it straight up 🙂

I tried these mini cheeseburgers on a whim one night…SO good! They made a ton and we ate them all. Again, toddler approved! Hubby LOVED them! I normally don’t like to eat beefy things after I ‘slave’ over it, but I put away quite a few of these myself. I remember at the time there were things I wanted to change, but, now, I don’t remember. They’ll be appearing on the menu soon and I’ll be sure to make note of changes 🙂

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