Cheeseburger Roll-Ups – Verdict


On a scale of one – five: 4 (we were almost out of ketchup and, well, who eats a cheeseburger without ketchup? lol)

last week I shared this recipe on my Treats to Try.

K (2years old) LOVED it! He’s not really what I’d call ‘picky’, but lately, he just wants fruit – which is great, but, we’d like some variety – he scarfed this down in no time!

Hubby really liked it! I was worried about the onions, but he didn’t mind them (yay!) He did say that it could be spicier next time (next time, woot!) So, I will throw in…some Tony’s maybe? (If you like a kick and haven’t tried Tony’s…YUM, do it!)

I like it pretty much (I have a hard time eating things that are 90% ground beef after I’ve browned the meat…) I may have Hubby brown the meat next time! Also – I needed more ketchup – and I agree about the “extra kick” needed 🙂

But over all we really liked it!!!

One Response to “Cheeseburger Roll-Ups – Verdict”

  1. Lisha T. Says:

    I am making this tonight. I added some of our favorite BBQ sauce (Sweet Baby Rays).

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