Treats To Try!


Do you love girl scout cookies? Here is a Thin Mints recipe (and links to others, that I have not checked out yet)–Thanks, Little Birdie Secrets!

I keep saying that I’m going to make more of our bread and I never do…these burger buns and english muffins look amazing!!!!–Thanks, Frugal Village!

Making our own tortillas is also on the ‘to-do list’….–Thanks, Feasting Fun!

Yum! (Granola!)–Thanks, Cooking for Seven!

I hope to make this for our Freezer Meal Swap Group someday…or just us!! We LOVE burgers!–Thanks, Meal Planning Mommies!

Along the lines of bread, here’s a recipe for homemade whole wheat bread (we’re white bread addicts!)–Thanks, The Homemade Baby Food Recipe Blog

My dear friend, Angela, shared her story of baking for her hubby along with her Mamaw’s Chocolate Pie, does it not look INCREDIBLE!!!!–Thanks, Angela!

We make pizza all the time and next time, I’m going to experiment with making our own crust! Also, do you LOVE the Blondies from Applebee’s? I do!!–Thanks, 24 Hour Menu!

Hawaiian chicken sounds AH-mazing!–Thanks, My Favorite Recipes!

….We’ll stop there for this week!! Let me know if you try any of these treats!!

**also, I’d like to make a button for this weekly “gathering”…can anyone help me with that??

2 Responses to “Treats To Try!”

  1. Lisha T. Says:

    I try to read whenever I get a chance! 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. […] list last week was very overwhelming in trying to decide something new to try, […]

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